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The Best Spots To Consume Cannabis in Las Vegas

The views of Las Vegas are unparalleled, as are the dining and entertainment options. It’s simply one of the best places on earth to be high. For obvious reasons, we recommend using an oil vaporizer

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What Does DEA Cannabis Rescheduling Mean?

With mounting pressure for DEA cannabis rescheduling, and drug enforcement in general, there’s often talk of marijuana being “rescheduled,” or dropped to one of the less strict categories under the

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Where Does Marijuana Grow in Las Vegas?

You may already shop around at one or more of Las Vegas’ dispensaries. But do you know where marijuana grows? Cultivating marijuana in the hot Las Vegas climate is difficult. That’s why all of the

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Meet Jardín: The Newest Las Vegas Dispensary

Introducing the newest Las Vegas dispensary, Jardín Premium Cannabis. Medical marijuana selection in Las Vegas just got a major boost from one of Denver’s most reputable publicly-traded cannabis companies.

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New Guests: Why Affordable Medication Matters

Discounts and deals are a great way to market a dispensary to new guests, but there’s much more to it than just getting feet in the door. Affordable medication is good for our community, good for public

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Sativa, Indica, & Hybrid – What’s the Difference?

Upon entering a dispensary for the first time, you’ll see shelves of cannabis flowers, extracts and edibles that are labeled indica or sativa. If you have friends who are guests, you will probably hear

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Marijuana Overdose: What Does It Mean?

Here is some good news for people who are interested in trying cannabis, but are nervous to take the first step: it is physically impossible to die due to a marijuana overdose. Nobody in recorded history

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How Are Vets Using Cannabis to Treat PTSD?

We simply cannot appreciate our veterans enough. It’s impossible to discount the trauma that so many of them face as a result of their service. For those who return home from combat with PTSD, access

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What Does Reciprocity Mean In Nevada?

One of the most appealing parts of Nevada’s medical cannabis program is reciprocity – or the ability for dispensaries to serve out-of-state patients. Given the amount of tourists that Las Vegas

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