MJ Freeway Comes To A Screeching Halt

This past Sunday, marijuana retailers were rocked by the news that MJ Freeway went down due to a cyber attack. This left not only retailers, but all branches of the marijuana industry temporarily frozen. At first it seemed that the problem would be very brief and services would be back up again soon. As the week drags on, MJ Freeway is working diligently on a solution, but much of the marijuana industry is still dealing with the impacts of this service interruption. How does this affect you?

What is MJ Freeway?

MJ Freeway is a complete software solution for not only marijuana retailers, but is involved in many other components of the marijuana industry. In many states, including Nevada, marijuana plants are tracked from seed to sale. This means all the information about that plant beginning with where it comes from to where it ends up is tracked through the system. MJ Freeway ‘talks’ to many other systems including many state systems. This means that all the systems depending on MJ Freeway are also affected causing a ripple effect throughout the industry.

How Are Dispensaries Affected?

On the dispensary level there are two main reasons why this system is so critical for operation and why many dispensaries are struggling to remain open during this service interruption:

  1. The dispensary cannot record the sale to the guest. For states that have a legal limit as to how much a patient can possess, if they cannot link the sale to the applicable patient, there is no way to track how much that patient is buying over a period of time. This has legal ramifications for patients and we definitely want to keep our patients safe and on the right side of the law.
  2. The dispensary cannot receive inventory. Due to the seed-to-sale nature of the marijuana industry here in Nevada, a plant’s whereabouts must be tracked. This means that all marijuana products are staying right where they are until the system returns. This means we cannot accept any new inventory and that’s a big problem.

How is this Affecting Patients?

The first thing to note is that no patient data has been stolen. All patient data is currently safe and sound according to the team at MJ Freeway. This gave all of us a huge sigh of relief as our guest’s privacy is very important to us. 

MJ Freeway Tweet

Recent tweet by @MJFreeway regarding patient data

Dispensaries that are manually trying to provide their guests with medication are enduring tremendous wait times and understandably this has many patients frustrated and upset.  Not only are wait times exceedingly long and the guest experience is significantly compromised, but dispensaries that are currently open are running out of inventory. This is really impacting the medication that patients have access to and for those who have come to rely on a particular product or strain, they are often disappointed after a long wait to find out their medication is not available.

Our aim here at Jardín, is to serve you, our Jardín Familia, with the very best selection of premium cannabis possible. While this is a temporary setback within our industry, we are confident that we will get through it together.

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