Recreational Marijuana in Nevada

2016 was an intense year that saw a lot of marijuana reform including the passing of Question 2 in Nevada. This means that recreational marijuana, or adult use marijuana, is acceptable in the state. But what does that mean now that the new year is here? We frequently get asked if we are able to sell cannabis recreationally now that it’s 2017. Here are some basic answers for you.

Possessing Recreational Marijuana

What the new law states is that all adults 21 and older can now possess up to 1 ounce of cannabis or one-eighth ounce of cannabis concentrate without penalty by the law. This came into effect on January 1, 2017. This is the first step in recreational marijuana, the decriminalization of adults having the drug in their possession without a medical marijuana card. Anyone with larger amounts of cannabis are still subject to the laws of the state, but now you can have a quantity of cannabis on your person without penalty.

Purchasing Recreational Marijuana

This is where it gets tricky – while the law states that you can now possess a certain quantity of cannabis, where do you purchase it? Technically the Nevada Department of Taxation has 12 months to come up with regulations and licenses that allow dispensaries to sell to non medical marijuana card holders. Until these regulations are in place, legally a Nevada dispensary must abide by existing regulations. Current regulations require that Nevada dispensaries can only sell cannabis to someone carrying a medical marijuana card.

Timeline for New Regulations

Even though the state has 12 months to come up with new regulations, the Nevada Department of Taxation is on board with fast tracking the new recreational marijuana sales system. Historically, in other recreational states there tends to be a surge in black market sales during the time between the passing of recreational marijuana laws and before the implementation of new legislation that allows dispensaries to sell cannabis to adults without a medical marijuana card. Current projections indicate that Nevada dispensaries may be able to sell recreational marijuana to adult users as soon as the summer of 2017.

While this is an exciting time for cannabis users living in or passing through Nevada, some patience is required before the system for selling cannabis to all adults is in place. We look forward to seeing recreational users becoming part of our family here at Jardín in the very near future.

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