Becoming One Of Las Vegas’ Top Cannabis Dispensaries

After a stunning launch event on November 11, Jardin Premium Cannabis Dispensary is listed as one of the top cannabis dispensaries in Las Vegas according to Leafy Lists. This is no small feat! It is easy to see what rocketed our little dispensary to number 6 on the list with only being open one month.

Exceptional Staff

We interviewed over 1500 applicants before we opened our doors, settling on 15 of the ultimate staff members. Our goals were lofty ones. We wanted staff members that exemplified our three core values along with all the cultural characteristics that make Las Vegas such a unique place to call home. Top staff creates top cannabis dispensaries.

Amor: This meant we wanted staff who will treat all of our guests as the number one priority of Jardín. Our guests are the heart of our organization and should be treated as such.

Familia: Staff that are welcoming to everyone who sets foot in our dispensary is important to us . No matter where our guests hail from, they are all welcome at Jardín.

Bueno: This means a staff that is familiar with the best products in the Nevada market and what works best for each guest. Smart staff that not only knew cannabis but are eager to learn more about new products and offerings to better help our guests.

Exceptional Guests

Our guests are truly what continues to motivate and inspire us. It has been such a tremendous pleasure getting to know each and every guest as they come and experience Jardín for the first time and beyond. Our guests have become exactly what we had hoped for: the heart of our organization. Our guests have definitely made us one of Las Vegas’ top cannabis dispensaries.

Exceptional Products

As a team we combed through much of what the Nevada market has to offer. Although Nevada is still young as far as medical marijuana goes, we are seeing new product offerings all the time. It is critical that these products become available to meet the needs of our guests. We simply aren’t satisfied with the standard products. We continuously search for better. As the recreational market looms ever closer, there are a number of new companies coming to Nevada and we can’t wait to showcase their products. Great product offerings create Las Vegas’ top cannabis dispensaries.

We are so proud of what we have, and are continuing, to build here at Jardín Premium Cannabis Dispensary. If you are among our treasured guests, thank you for your support. If you haven’t visited us yet, come down and become part of the Jardín family.

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