Get Your Medical Marijuana Card in Nevada

The laws have finally caught up with the people and medical marijuana is now available in the state of Nevada. This is great news for those who need it, but how do you get a medical marijuana card? Where do you even start? Well,  there are a number of doctors here in Las Vegas that can assist you with this.

Have the Appropriate Paperwork Ready

What do you need? Well you need a Nevada driver’s license with your permanent address on it for one. You also need your social security number so they can run a background check. Yes, this is mandatory. You also need a statement from the doctor outlining exactly why medical marijuana is right for you. Speaking with the doctor is important and you should be prepared for such a conversation.

Be Clear On Why You Need Medical Marijuana

Pinpoint exactly what is ailing you and the relief that medical marijuana provides. Be specific about your medical issues and don’t be afraid to be honest about how your condition has affected your  life. A number of ailments, such as seizures and severe pain, are qualifying conditions. Be clear on what ails you and and what you need relief from.

Know What Medical Marijuana Can Do For You

Do your homework. There are many sources out there that talk about what medical marijuana can do. Be educated when you walk into your doctor’s office about what exactly marijuana will do for you. Be clear on what you have tried in the past and what other medicines you have tried.  

Obtaining a medical marijuana card isn’t an impossible task. Countless doctors appreciate and recommend medical marijuana for a variety of ailments and disorders. Las Vegas has a number of doctors who can assist you in the application process. Visit or call us at Jardín for doctor recommendations nearest you.

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