420: Why Is It Significant To The Cannabis Community?

The number 420 has had significance in the cannabis movement for decades. It’s traditionally used as an easy meetup time for a smoke session among friends – either 4:20 in the morning or the afternoon. You can bet that at 4:20, anywhere in the world, hundreds of cannabis enthusiasts are lighting up in solidarity for the cause.

Just as the time of day became a cornerstone of shared cannabis culture, so did the date, April 20. The date is a global celebration, as well as a day of outreach for cannabis activists in areas where there is still work to be done on the civil rights front.

Read on to learn more about every stoner’s favorite day of the year!

The Waldos

Rumor has it that the custom of lighting up at 4:20 began with a group of students in San Rafael, California in the early 1970s, and the rumor has since been verified. These teens met up at the same time every day after school to blaze up together. They would rendezvous near a wall outside the high school, hence their nickname, “The Waldos.” Soon their daily smoke sesh became an orchestrated event; every April 20 they would lead a small crowd of smokers into the Point Reyes forest for a miniature festival. The movement spread, and now the number 420 is a known symbol and label for those who love cannabis.

420 Cannabis Cups

Events and parties are probably the best part about the 420 holiday celebration. There are countless “cannabis cup” events that happen on this date, or the weekend before or after. Though most are local, the largest 4/20 cup of all is the High Times Cannabis Cup, which now takes place just outside of LA, in San Bernardino, California. At these events, you can imbibe and let loose with fellow enthusiasts in your city. Or, it can be fun to make a travel opportunity out of it, and make some friends in a new location.

Spreading The Love

True cannabis believers know that 420 is about much more than getting lit. One thing that you can bet on at this time of year is that the cannabis community will be jet-setting, celebrating in style, and sharing the very best cannabis with new friends and old. April 20 is also a great day to invite your non-smoking friends on the adventure of a lifetime. Who knows? They may be able to take a break from their cannabis-free lifestyle – even if it’s only once a year.

The team here at Jardín is excited to celebrate our very first 420 here in the Las Vegas community. We will be preparing you for the holiday season with the valley’s finest selection of flowers, edibles, and concentrates for you to celebrate and medicate with the best.

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