710: All About Cannabis Oil’s Holiday

July 10th, or 710, is now universally celebrated anywhere in the world where cannabis extracts exist. The number “710” has been used as a secret slang for cannabis oil for years, since when you flip the number upside down, it appears to spell “OIL.” It only makes sense that concentrate lovers would want to commemorate their favorite form of medication on this date – and continue the celebrations of “420” well into the summertime.

It’s a known fact that the cannabis community loves to party. The 710 “holiday” isn’t just a day that people choose to get really, really high; it’s a time to gather over shared interests. Dab bars have become the norm at many medical cannabis gatherings, and especially competitions for the most potent dabs.

Learn the facts behind 710, and prepare your lungs for this summer’s sizzling celebration.

710 History

Concentrates like hashish have likely been around nearly as long as the cannabis plant itself. The 710 holiday, not so much. Word on the street is that celebration of the holiday began sometime shortly after 2011, when master cannabis extractors, hip hop albums and Urban Dictionary began to define the number in the context of dabbing. Since then, “710” has become universally known as the symbol of the concentrate movement, and continues to grow as more people discover all the medicinal benefits of cannabis extractions.

710 Events

Taking part in cannabis community events on the 710 holiday is a fun way to meet some of the people behind your favorite dispensaries and extract products. Chalice Cup, in San Bernardino County, California may be one of the largest dab festival events held on the holiday. Many of these events offer free samples of some of the world’s finest concentrates, many of them award contenders or past cup champions. The events are obviously open to verified medical cannabis patients only.

710 As Medicine

Always remember, and try to educate others, that concentrates truly are medicinal as much as they seem recreational. Truly clean and medicinal whole-plant extractions and solventless rosin technology have definitely changed the landscape of the dab world over the last few years. Vaporizing oils is much less irritating to the lungs than smoking flower, and provides a medicating experience free of tar and ash. Products are getting better all the time, making concentrates the perfect form of medication for individuals looking for high dosage to treat pain, anxiety, and more.

You can be sure that Jardín will be serving up some of the finest quality concentrates all the way from now through the holiday season. Only our members will get to be part of the action. Drop by and visit Jardín Cannabis soon, to learn if dabbing could be a good option for you.

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