The Best Spots To Consume Cannabis in Las Vegas

The views of Las Vegas are unparalleled, as are the dining and entertainment options. It’s simply one of the best places on earth to be high.

For obvious reasons, we recommend using an oil vaporizer pen anywhere indoors, or an edible beforehand. Stay discreet and out of trouble as much as possible.

Here’s our definitive list of the best spots to consume cannabis in Las Vegas. Just don’t get caught…

The High Roller

If you haven’t yet caught a glimpse of the High Roller, which is the giant Ferris Wheel on the Strip, now is your chance to make plans. It’s the tallest one in the world, and each enclosed car holds 15 people. Head to the LINQ hotel, rent out a car with your friends for a happy hour you will never forget, and get ready to take a puff of your favorite vape pen at 550 feet.

Bear’s Best Golf Club

Home to over 50 world-class golf courses, Las Vegas has some great spots to enjoy a couple of puffs in the great outdoors, including this 18-hole course designed by Jack Nicklaus. Bear’s Best is open to the public daily, and features some of the best views of both the Strip skyline and the surrounding mountain ranges. Security is tight, but if you can find a way to get in at nighttime for an after-hours sesh, more power to you.

Cirque Du Soleil

While you’ll probably get escorted out of your seat for lighting up during the performance, the Cirque Du Soleil experience is hands-down some of the best material in the universe to watch while stoned. Whether you see O, KA, or Zumanity, we know you’ll never forget the sights and sounds. We recommend pre-gaming the show or bringing in some edibles in order to stay low-key.

The Eiffel Tower

Paris is just a short walk away from most of the activities on Las Vegas Boulevard. Travel to the top of the Eiffel Tower – 46 stories above Las Vegas Boulevard – and see if you can smoke without anyone else noticing. You’ll have one of the best 360-degree views of all the lights of Las Vegas, and if you can pull it off, perhaps one day you can travel to France and graduate to the real thing.

Wraparound Terrace Suite at the Cosmopolitan

Feeling ritzy? Avoid that lingering sense of paranoia that comes with smoking in public, by purchasing one of the best stays that the Strip has to offer. This 1200-square-foot hotel room features luxe decor and a full kitchen with SubZero appliances to prepare the best drinks and munchies, but its crowning glory is the wraparound balcony that spans the entire corner of the building – perfect for a joint, blunt, or even a fine glass piece as you overlook Las Vegas.

Whatever you choose, don’t forget to stop by Jardín for your medicine on your way out to your next Las Vegas adventure. And if you do get caught blazing up at one of these spots, please, don’t tell them we sent you!

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