Where Does Marijuana Grow in Las Vegas?

You may already shop around at one or more of Las Vegas’ dispensaries. But do you know where marijuana grows?

Cultivating marijuana in the hot Las Vegas climate is difficult. That’s why all of the medical marijuana grow operations here are done indoors, with time-controlled lighting systems and hydroponic irrigation. It’s truly an amazing process, and a collective effort that produced its first official crop of legal Nevada marijuana during 2015. Nevada patients are also allowed to possess up to 12 plants indoors, depending on how far they live from the nearest dispensary.

Why should you care about where marijuana is grown? By understanding the process that goes into creating your favorite flowers and other products at the dispensary, you will be able to make more informed decisions about your medicine that will benefit your health in the long run.  

The History

Licensed and legal medical marijuana grows began in 2013 with the passage of SB 374. While medical marijuana had technically been decriminalized over a decade earlier in 2000, this was the first time regulations were put forth by the state allowing for a structured licensing and retail program. The first cultivation, production, laboratory and dispensary sites in Nevada all opened in 2015. However, from 2000 to 2015, patients were pretty much on their own when it came to acquiring marijuana.

Indoor Marijuana Grows

Under Nevada’s medical marijuana program, a limited number of large-scale indoor medical marijuana grows are permitted. Most of these are set up in secured industrial warehouses, zoned outside of residential areas and school zones. As of October 2016 there are over 60 active and licensed cultivation sites statewide, providing medicine to a total of 34 product manufacturers and about 50 licensed dispensaries. Full implementation of the policy will see up to 200 cultivation facilities. Unlike in some states, there is no “cap” to the amount of marijuana that Nevada growers can produce. The state agency in charge of medical marijuana cited the need to accommodate growth in registered patient numbers, as well as the need to wipe out black market marijuana by replacing it with licensed and tested product.

Home Marijuana Grows

Many people may not know this, but at-home cultivation of up to 12 plants has been permitted in Nevada since 2000, when marijuana for medicinal purposes was decriminalized in the state. Since dispensaries would not open for another 15 years, patients in need of marijuana were forced to learn to grow their own, or sought medicine from the black market instead. Now, patients have many more options, and so the state of Nevada does not permit home cultivation if the patient lives within 25 miles of a medical marijuana dispensary, unless the patient or their caregiver cannot reasonably travel to the nearest store.

Jardín is excited to work with flower vendors with state-of-the-art cultivation facilities right here in the Las Vegas valley. Visit us today to experience some of the highest quality herb that Nevada has to offer!

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