Meet Jardín: The Newest Las Vegas Dispensary

Introducing the newest Las Vegas dispensary, Jardín Premium Cannabis. Medical marijuana selection in Las Vegas just got a major boost from one of Denver’s most reputable publicly-traded cannabis companies.

After spending the last seven years providing operational, technological, investment, and cultivation consulting for some of the very best cannabis dispensaries nationwide, Adam Denmark Cohen, one of the original co-founders of MJardín, is proud to present the newest Las Vegas Dispensary: Jardín Cannabis.

Jardín is a brand-new medical Las Vegas dispensary just minutes northeast of the airport and UNLV. The state-of-the-art space is everything that is right with modern Las Vegas dispensary design and technology.

Safety First

Putting security at a top priority, Jardín will be one of the cleanest and safest places in town for the Las Vegas community to obtain medicine. Video cameras and armed guards will be utilized to maintain the safety of the store and patients at all times. All medical marijuana flowers and products on our shelves will be tested by an analytical laboratory that specializes in cannabis. These practices are the least we can do to help bring legitimacy and trust to Nevada’s medical cannabis program.

Top Shelf

MJardín’s successful experience in Colorado and other states obviously prefaces the top quality management style and products that will become the norm to patients at Jardín Cannabis. We stock the shelves with the very best in potent medicinal strains of flower, clean concentrates, and the most effective edibles and topical treatments Nevada has to offer. Have a favorite product? We hope that you’ll provide us the feedback we need to serve you exactly what you’re looking for from your newest Las Vegas dispensary.

Friendly Faces

At Jardín, you can be sure that every employee will be educated and trained on proper medical cannabis consulting and dispensing techniques. We believe that no patient should ever have to feel nervous when walking into a Las Vegas dispensary for the first time. We will regularly have special deals and community events that will bring value and continued relief to all our patients. Medical cannabis is more than just a treatment option – it’s a community, and we plan to strengthen it locally here in Las Vegas.

Jardín Cannabis officially opened its doors November 11, 2016 to qualified Nevada patients and state-registered patients from other markets. Sorry, California “recommendations” from physicians are not accepted at Nevada’s dispensaries – only state-issued medical marijuana ID cards.

What are you waiting for? Stop by Jardín for a higher-level experience. We guarantee the highest quality flower, edibles, concentrates, and other medical cannabis products in the state of Nevada.

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