Sativa, Indica, & Hybrid – What’s the Difference?

Upon entering a dispensary for the first time, you’ll see shelves of cannabis flowers, extracts and edibles that are labeled indica or sativa. If you have friends who are guests, you will probably hear a lot about what each of these classifications mean.

We’re here to lift the veil and make cannabis a little easier to understand. At Jardín, we offer dozens of strains in the form of flower and concentrated cannabis products. So, it’s important to learn a bit about these classifications if you’re interested in making us your first and only dispensary.

Right now, the indica, sativa and hybrid specifications are merely the easiest method of explaining the differences in cannabis to newer consumers. While cannabis researchers have found that these classifications hold little basis in science, the descriptions of the effects tend to ring true with the majority of guests.


The adage is that an “indica” will put you “in the couch” for an extended period of time, but this simply isn’t true for everyone. Because our endocannabinoid systems vary based on our diet and stress levels, potent indica strains can have a wide range of effects. Most often reported are feelings of sedation, grounding and sometimes drowsiness. However, many people with chronic pain are able to build a higher tolerance for these strains, enjoying them during the day with no sleepiness, just relief.


Patient counselors and even more experienced guests will tell you to shoot for “sativa” strains for times when you desire a boost in inspiration or creativity, relief from anxiety, or for when you need to medicate prior to your daily activities. Sativa-dominant strains can give a burst of energy or break down social inhibitions, countering the assumption that cannabis makes the user lazy and unmotivated. Pain relief can also be a positive side-effect of some sativa strains, though generally not as helpful as indica strains are for such symptoms.unnamed-1


Most of today’s modern medical cannabis strains have been hybridized. Cultivators do this for many reasons, but the practice primarily began as a way to increase flower’s THC concentration. Over the years, we ended up with some amazing Blue Dream crossovers, OG Kush hybrids with funny names and powerful pain relieving effects, and many more medicinal hybrid strains. Hybrid strains will often lean sativa-dominant or indica-dominant, as far as the effects go, so study up on a website like Leafly, and take to heart the suggestions of the associate helping you at the dispensary.

Not sure which type of cannabis strain sounds like the right one for you? The only way to know for sure is to try as many as you can. Keep a journal of your cannabis experiences, then look back to determine which was your favorite and most effective strain.

The flower selection at Jardín is second-to-none, and our patient counselors would be happy to walk you through the indica, sativa, and hybrid strains that we offer our patients. Drop in today to search for your new favorite.  

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