New Guests: Why Affordable Medication Matters

Discounts and deals are a great way to market a dispensary to new guests, but there’s much more to it than just getting feet in the door. Affordable medication is good for our community, good for public health, and especially good for brand new medical marijuana guests who are just beginning to explore the dispensary landscape.

At Jardín, we’re all about expanding cannabis access to people from all walks of life, and we stand by our new guest special as one of Las Vegas’ most generous. There are many reasons to make cannabis accessible to our guests. Bottom line: affordable medication matters.


By and large, members of the medical cannabis movement believe in people over profits. expanding access to affordable medication regardless of where someone lives or what their income is. A special for new guests encourages more guests to seek out medicine who normally may not be able to afford it. It also communicates that our dispensary truly wants to help people, it isn’t all about making money.


Building a larger, stronger cannabis community in Las Vegas is one of our top goals. Our new guest special is meant to be inviting, not only for the guest’s first visit, but to create a lasting relationship that will keep that guest coming back to Jardín time after time. You may not always remember that free pre-rolled joint, but you may strike a lifelong friendship with the patient counselor that assisted you during your very first dispensary visit – and that means something to us.


At Jardín, we know that finding the right cannabis products for you can take some time, and lots of experience, which can make those first few dispensary trips quite expensive. New guests can get overwhelmed by all the options, and of course, it’s impossible to know which types of cannabis you like, until after you’ve tried and compared a wide range of products. The medical cannabis that you pick up from your first visit may not give you as much relief as you expect, and that’s completely normal. As a new guest, at least you can take comfort in the fact that you got a good value on that first batch of products.

Jardín’s focus on affordable medication is just one of the many reasons to visit our dispensary, other than our selection of exclusive top shelf medical cannabis products and our friendly and educated staff.

Whatever your reason for coming into our little Las Vegas dispensary, we hope you feel welcome, and leave a little bit happier and more educated about medical cannabis and your health.

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