How Are Vets Using Cannabis to Treat PTSD?

We simply cannot appreciate our veterans enough. It’s impossible to discount the trauma that so many of them face as a result of their service. For those who return home from combat with PTSD, access to medical cannabis treatment can be a doorway for veterans to bring their mental health back into balance.

Medical researchers studying PTSD have already hinted at a positive patient response to cannabis, and the first definitive clinical trial for cannabis and PTSD is happening right now in Arizona. Soon, the world will know much more about how cannabis can help our veterans.

Symptom Control

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder causes many psychological symptoms that can make the patient extremely uncomfortable and, at times, unable to go about their daily activities. Many people constantly relive the events of their traumatic episode in the form of sensory memories that can be triggered by everyday stimuli, vivid waking dreams and nightmares. Cannabis calms the mind and helps to balance the signals of fear and hysteria that recur in PTSD patients’ nervous systems.

Rest & Relaxation

According to a clinical study, around 70-90 percent of PTSD patients have difficulty sleeping. Both THC and CBD work to calm the nerves and promote healthy sleep patterns, which can be a saving grace for combat veterans with extremely upsetting cases of PTSD. Calming the headaches, inflammation, and recurring bad dreams allows the patient to relax and recover in peace, so that their body and mind can truly start to heal.

Opioid Alternative

Decreasing dependence and risk from prescription opioids and other pharmaceuticals is perhaps the most important reason for veterans struggling with PTSD to give medical cannabis a try. Many veterans come home with not only mental issues, but physical injuries and ailments as well. Depending on the physician, many vets are prescribed high doses of powerful opioid medications that are nearly as addictive and toxic as heroin. Veterans are at a much greater risk for addiction and accidental overdose on these potent drugs. Why not give them a natural, botanical substitute instead? With the VA and Congress failing to take action on the issue, many vets are standing up and telling their stories, encouraging their brothers and sisters in arms to put down the pills and pick up medical cannabis.

Post-traumatic stress can occur as a result of so many things – child abuse, sexual or physical assault, or accidents. This disorder is serious, but also treatable. If you think that anyone you love may be struggling with recurring negative memories or other symptoms of PTSD, please inform them of the healing powers of medical cannabis.

In regard to our veterans, we offer an everyday discount for active duty armed services members, as well as those who served in the past. It’s the least we at Jardín can do to say “Thank You.” Visit our Las Vegas dispensary today and join in the healing community of cannabis.

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