What Does Reciprocity Mean In Nevada?

One of the most appealing parts of Nevada’s medical cannabis program is reciprocity – or the ability for dispensaries to serve out-of-state patients. Given the amount of tourists that Las Vegas receives, this is big news for both travelers and local dispensaries.

Before we dive into all the benefits reciprocity can bring travelers to Las Vegas, let’s address the myth. There is a significant segment of patients who are legal in their home state, but not legal in Nevada. Unfortunately, at this time, not all patients in California can access medical cannabis here, since that state has a physician recommendation process that Nevada considers inadequate in identifying patients. Only patients who are signed up with their state-run medical marijuana program can receive reciprocity in Nevada’s dispensaries.

So, for now, only state-registered patients can use their medical cannabis cards here in Las Vegas. However, Nevada is set to vote on Question 2 this November, which would expand recreational access to all residents and visitors over the age of 21, if passed.

Reciprocity makes Nevada’s medical marijuana program one of the most open in the nation. In fact, it’s the only medical cannabis state with reciprocity. So many tourists now have access to their medicine while they are traveling for business or leisure, and in our opinion, expanding patient access can never go wrong. Purchases by travelers also help the industry with a boost in revenue that other medical cannabis states don’t have the opportunity to attract, due to strict state policies.

Have a state-issued medical marijuana ID card? Great! We can’t wait to see you here at Jardín. Please, just remember these simple rules and legalities when purchasing and using medical cannabis here in Las Vegas.

  • Resale or redistribution of medical cannabis products is not allowed. In other words, don’t get caught sharing your stash or exchanging medicine for cash with anyone who is not a registered medical cannabis patient.
  • Furnishing medical cannabis to minors is a crime. Picking up from the dispensary for your younger sibling, cousin, friend, or any other young person that you meet here in Las Vegas is a bad idea. Keep the festivities for the over-21 crowd.
  • Smoking in public spaces is not allowed. This means that you are 100% on your own if you choose to light up on the Strip, at the casino, a nightclub or any other public spot here in Las Vegas. It’s likely you’ll get escorted out of the venue or faced with charges – so don’t do it!

If you are a patient with a government-issued medical cannabis identification card, the team at Jardín would absolutely love to show you around our dispensary and outstanding selection of top shelf, Nevada-grown medicine. Come visit our friendly and passionate staff today!

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